Council Leadership Team

The congregation elects at least 3 leaders each year to serve on the congregation council. Various ministry teams assist in the development, facilitation, and mission connection of the ministries of Sharon.

The Congregational Council is the Leadership Team that takes care of all the oversight of all ministry and business of the congregation between annual meetings.  This is an elected team of individuals who serve rotating 3 yr terms.

2016 church  council members: Teresa Berger, Karen Bowen, Carol Harrison, Lowell Leitzel, Eric Rowe, Buzz Savidge (treasurer), Susie Weller, Jeff Whitman, Scott Lyttle, Nancy Martin, Theresa Kuster

The Executive Team consists of the officers of the congregation which include: President, Vice President, and Secretary of the Congregational Council.  2016  President:Eric Rowe , Vice President: Dr. Jeffrey Whitman, Secretary: Teresa Berger

Ministry Teams

  1. The Christian Education and Youth Ministry Team focuses on deepening spirituality and discipleship with families and individuals of all ages. Robin Kunkel is the Parish Associate who oversees and organizes these ministry areas.
  2. The Hospitality Team connects visitors through their ministry of hospitality and provides for the welcoming of new members.
  3. The Social Ministry Team draws together people and resources as we uplift lives, stand for justice and peace in the world, heal hurting lives through acts of compassion and prayer ministry, as well as responding to disasters.
  4. The Music and Worship Team provides additional leadership to facilitate communal worship that glorifies God as we seek to engage others with inspiration, spirit, and depth of expression.
  5. The Personnel Team works to provide a safe and vibrant workplace for staff and volunteers
  6. The Finance Team encourages the responsible use of the gifts of the congregation, assists in the oversight of the budget and its development
  7. The Property Team works to provide a safe and appealing space for ministries and groups to utilize.
  8. The Mission Endowment Team encourages charitable giving to the ministry of Sharon and oversees a fund that is meant to be utilized for special projects in the larger church, our outdoor ministries, and our broader witness in the community.
  9.  The Mutual Ministry Team works to be a creative outlet for the Pastor and facilitates healthy conversation and leadership