Core Values

Our core values that shape and inform our ministries together.

Sharon Lutheran Church is a community of faith that strives to be

1. Faith-filled

We trust in God’s active role.  We are a Christian community grounded on faith with a Christ-like demonstration of the spirit

2. Rooted in God’s Word

We encourage connection to and study of scripture that fosters a deepening relationship with Christ as the living Word of God and provides for growth in discipleship.

3. Loving

We create an environment that seeks wholeness, unity, love, caring support, and the sharing of the unconditional grace of God

4. Connected to the Community and world

Faith and daily life connect as we seek to serve, lead, disciple, and give and receive blessings in our community, the nation, and the world.

5. Adaptive

We are organic—serving and developing out of what people do, out of their skills, gifts, and passions.