Sunday School

Each week we meet to study and learn, to experience and share, to create and discover more about who we are as children of God.

Christian Education is a ministry that shares Bible lessons during Sunday school for preschool aged to senior high students, as well as, Bible study and discussion for teens, youth and adults.

Sunday school begins in September and runs through Pentecost, which usually falls in May or early June. The children meet at 9am on the second level. The young children experience Story Time, Music and activities that correspond with the lesson.  We continue with the same lesson for several Sundays but teach them in a variety of experiential learning styles. Our leaders are volunteers who enjoy sharing their time with children, youth and teens and are able to be flexible.

Middle school youth journey through three years of confirmation, by learning more about Christianity and  are given opportunities to actively show their love as Jesus did by serving others. The journey continues throughout high school and young adulthood.


SEPTEMBER 11, 2016 with God’s Work Our Hands Day




SEPTEMBER 11 during 10:30am worship!

Yes, Jesus loves you. Yes, Jesus loves you. Yes, Jesus loves you. The Bible tells us so.

On September 11 we will kick off our Wee Worship series with children ages 1 through 5 in the church nursery. The wee ones are welcome to join worship with their parent(s), wait for Pastor Doll to Gather & Bless them and then go to the nursery with the Sunday leaders. Topics will be chosen for each month, such as ‘I See God’s Love at Church, Jesus Loves Children, God Gives Me Food, Jesus Was a Baby, People at Church Help Me’ and many more.